Different water passages wet joint and dry joint risers
Comparison between 2002-2004 risers with 2005 newer risers
Comparison of dry joint and wet joint riser/elbows
Mercruiser V6 manifold highest quality
Mercruiser V6 manifold lost foam
 Inexpensive Conversion Kit
for "Dry Joint" Manifolds and Risers
fits 2002-2003-2004 Mercruiser Chevy GM V6
4.3L 4.3LX engines
replaces OEM numbers:
Mercruiser 864612T02 Dry Joint Manifolds
Mercruiser 864309T02 Dry Joint Risers (elbows)
Sterndrives, Alpha Gen II Inboards, MIE  
Comparison of water passages of dry and wet joint manifolds
Mercruiser V6 conversion kit 2002-2004
Mercruiser exhaust elbow/riser V6 replacement
Mercruiser dry joint conversion elbow/riser water inlet nipple
Dry-Joint Manifold/Riser Replacement Conversion Kit
506-1-651                                $529.95
Dry-Joint Manifold (used in the conversion kit)
500-1-220                                $169.95
Dry-Joint Riser/Elbow (used in the conversion kit)
530-1-140                                $104.95
Dry-Joint Manifold to Head Gasket
510-9-003                                   $7.50                             
Dry-Joint Manifold to Riser Gasket (restricted)
540-9-002                                   $7.50
Dry-Joint Manifold to Riser Gasket (open)
540-9-003                                   $7.50