round 4
rear veiw of the center riser conversion kit
diagonal view of installed manifolds, riser/elbows and exhaust pipes
1978-1982 Mercruiser V8 manifold conversion kit
hoses and stainless pipes to connect the manifolds to the
Mercruiser Manifold Conversion Kit
Converts the 1978-1982 Chevy V8
305/5.0L and 350/5.7L with the "Log Style"
manifold to the 1983-2002
"Center Riser Style" manifolds.
Replaces Mercruiser Part Numbers
77234A7 and 77235A8 Manifolds
76351A2 Riser
The Conversion kit consists of a 1983 and newer
Mercruiser "Center Riser Style" manifold kit.
Two stainless steel 75 degree bends,
four 4-inch exhaust hose and sixteen 4-inch
diameter stainless steel hose clamps.
The conversion pipes connect to the
round inlet on the 1978-1982 "Y" Pipe.
Conversion Kit    58990  $625.95
Center riser manifolds, risers/elbows dimensions
center riser manifold kit replaces log manifold kit
Mercruiser 807988A03 and 860246A15