Mercruiser V6 Marine Exhaust Manifolds
175 185 205 4.3L
99746A17 99746A8
99746-C and 863888-C
Dimensions of V6 manifold
Cut-away of V6 manifold
Mercruiser V6 Manifold       
500-1-220                                $169.95
The Moore Performance manifolds are an exact replacement for
the 1983 - 2002 Mercruiser V6 Chevy manifolds.  The external
dimensions are identical with all holes drilled and tapped like
the original manifolds.
Riser gasket restricted
Hose fitting barb
Each manifold includes a
stainless steel manifold-to-head
gasket, a stainless steel
manifold-to-riser gasket, exhaust
manifold to head bolts or studs and
a 1-inch hose water inlet fitting.  
V6 gasket, manifold to head
V6 manifold gaskets bolts
Highest quality in the marine industry
Lost foam casting process
Riser gasket open