You can purchase just the triple exhaust pipes or
a complete kit with 4 inch exhaust tips, flapper
valves, hoses and clamps.  
Retain the  Benefits of THRU-THE-PROP Exhaust at low
speeds! The prop blades create a low pressure area at the
The low pressure area actually
PULLS the exhaust out of
the engine!  
This is very helpful for low speed torque and fuel
Thru-the-Prop exhaust should be retained on every
MerCruiser for best low speed performance and fuel
You can retain Thru-the-Prop exhaust with the Moore
Performance Triple Exhaust system!
The Moore Performance triple exhaust gives the boater a true Thru-the-Transom
exhaust system at an economical price.
The triple pipe replaces the aluminum exhaust pipe and connects to the Y-Pipe for
Thru-the-Prop exhaust
and connects to an exhaust tip installed into the transom for
Thru-the-Transom exhaust.
Low speed performance/fuel economy is retained by utilizing the prop-hubs low
pressure area and high speed performance is increased by eliminating high rpm
exhaust back pressure.  
If you need the reduced back pressure of  Thru-the-Transom exhaust for maximum
horsepower but do not like the increased noise level, installing muffler tips into the
triple exhaust system (in place of the straight exhaust tips) will reduce noise without
increasing back pressure.  With the Triple Exhaust, excess back pressure simply
flows through the prop (something mufflers installed in a strictly Thru-the-Transom
exhaust system can't provide).
Installing Triple Exhaust
Installing the triple exhaust is actually EASIER than installing
Thru-the-Transom exhaust!  
With Thru-the-Transom exhaust the Y-Pipe needs to be removed and a block
off plate installed.  
This requires
You do not have to remove the "Y" pipe with triple
Through the Prop
Through the Transom
Triple Exhaust Pipe Kit
Includes: Triple Pipes,
Exhaust Tips, Exhaust Hose
and Clamps
Kit 575-3-009              $595.95
Triple Exhaust Kit with Exhaust Tips and
Triple Exhaust Pipes
Pair 575-3-005            $195.95